ABP Community Talks

The live shows, hosted by the ABP Team, are casual sessions full of community content, demos, Q&A, and discussions around what's happening in ABP.

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.NET 7.0 & ABP 7.0

In this episode of ABP Community Talks, 2022.9; we will talk about .NET 7.0 and ABP 7.0 with ABP Core Team! Details

Angular 14 and ABP

In this episode, we'll talk about the Angular 14 Release and ABP. 🎁 3 viewers who asked questions during live session will win 1 YEAR FREE JetBrains dotUltimate Subscription! Details

UI testing with Playwright & Upcoming ABP 7.0

In this episode of ABP Community Talks, we will talk about the upcoming ABP Platform v7.0 and UI testing with Playwright! Details

ABP Framework v6.0 & OpenIdDict

In this episode of ABP Community Talks, we will talk about the news from ABP Platform v6.0 and migration to OpenIdDict! Details

MAUI & ABP Framework

In this episode of ABP Community Talks, we will talk about MAUI and see demonstrations of how to work with it using ABP Framework. Join us to ask your questions to our core team members and learn about MAUI and ABP Framework. Details

How can you contribute to the open source ABP Framework?

In this episode of ABP Community Talks, we asked you to pick the topic and you wanted "How to contribute to open source ABP Framework". ABP Core Team Members and one of ABP Framework's top contributors, Ismail Yilmaz will talk about it. Join us to learn how to make contribution and ask your questions to our ABP Core Team and a real-life ABP Framework contributor! Details

ABP Suite: Take a closer look at the code generation

In this webinar, you will learn about the ABP Suite's capabilities and how to build your project; examples to demonstrate them; and you will have the chance to ask your questions. Details

Domain-Driven Design & the Mastering the ABP Framework Book

In this episode of the ABP Community Talks, Halil İbrahim Kalkan, Jon Galloway, Lee Richardson and Anto Subash will talk and discuss Domain-Driven Design, the open-source EventHub reference DDD solution and the new book Mastering ABP Framework. Details

Exploring ABP's New User Interface

We will talk about the new LeptonX theme, which will be the default UI theme of the ABP Framework and ABP Commercial in the next version. We will explain why we've built a new UI theme, what are the differences of the LeptonX theme from the other themes available in the market. We will also show some demos of the final state of the project. Details

Microservice Development

Galip Tolga Erdem, Enis Necipoğlu and Halil İbrahim Kalkan talks about the eShopOnAbp solution and explain microservice development with the ABP Framework. Details