Explore the potential of code generation: ABP Suite

In this webinar, ABP Core Development team showed the ABP Suite at a 360 degree in a live session, held a demo for you to see ABP Suite in action and answered your questions.
Watch the webinar to learn about ABP Suite for free to have an informed decision of one of the greatest features of ABP Commercial.

🔗 ABP Suite Documentation: https://docs.abp.io/en/commercial/latest/abp-suite/index
🔗 Suite: Creating Master/Detail Relationship: https://docs.abp.io/en/commercial/latest/abp-suite/creating-master-detail-relationship
🔗 Suite: Preserving Custom Code: https://docs.abp.io/en/commercial/latest/abp-suite/customizing-the-generated-code
🔗 Write your feature requests at: https://support.abp.io/QA/Questions/6529
🔗 Full Demo Video: https://youtu.be/t0aWk5HMoDs