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Alper Ebiçoğlu


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I'm co-founder of Volosoft. Full-stack .NET developer; Learning, writing, building software since the early 2000s.

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ABP Supports .NET8

This article is about the new .NET 8 support with ABP v8. Also, I summarized the new features of .NET 8.

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Blazor's History and Full-stack Web UI

The first version of Blazor was released on May 14, 2020. Since its initial release, Blazor has evolved into six different versions. In this post, I e...

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What’s New in .NET 8 🧐 ? Discover ALL .NET 8 Features⚡🚀

📢 In this post, we'll explore all the new features of .NET 8 and the changes in this new version. Grab your coffee ☕ and let's take a look at all the...

Inheritance Strategies in Entity Framework Core 7

In this article, I'll show you all the object inheritance mapping strategies in Entity Framework Core, especially the new one: TPC Inheritance Mapping...

Upgrade Your Existing Projects to .NET7

In this article, I will share our experiences while upgrading to .NET 7.

All about .NET MAUI

In this article, I’ll tell about .NET MAUI the new generation of Xamarin. This article is based on my talk at


Create a Windows Service with ABP Framework

I will show you how to create a Windows Service with ABP Framework. The service will access to the database with ABP repositories.


Real-time Notifications via SignalR in ABP Project

We will implement a basic SignalR engine for real-time notifications in an ABP project. Thus, we will enable the server-side code to instantly send co...

ABP Suite: How to Add the User Entity as a Navigation Property of Another Entity

How to add a user navigation property to your new entity using the ABP Suite.


Patch for Chrome login issue (IdentityServer4 + SameSite cookie problem)

Configures "SameSite" cookie policy to properly for set the SameSite attribute when Identity Server 4 is being used in HTTP schema.

Implementing Passwordless Authentication with ASP.NET Core Identity

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add a custom token provider to authenticate a user with a link, instead of entering a password.