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Halil İbrahim Kalkan


Software Architect Volosoft


I am a co-founder of Volosoft and working as a software architect by leading the open source ABP Framework project. I've been writing code for 20+ years. Experienced on Microsoft products (C#, ASP.NET Core, SQL Server, TypeScript), web technologies and tools, DDD, TDD and some other software development practices. Researching and working on microservice architectures. I like to build reusable libraries, distributed systems and multi-thread applications.

MEMBER SINCE 5/24/2018

Using Complex Types as Value Objects with Entity Framework Core 8.0

I introduce the new Complex Types feature of Entity Framework Core 8.0 and show some examples of how you can use it in your projects built with ABP Fr...

Kubernetes Integrated Microservice Development with .NET and ABP Studio

I introduce an efficient way of creating a development environment that is well integrated to Kubernetes. In this way, you can just run the microservi...

Using Dapper with the ABP Framework

Dapper is a simple and lightweight object mapper for .NET. In this article, I will show how to use it in your ABP projects.

Injecting Service Dependencies to Entities with Entity Framework Core 7.0

Why we may need to have references to other services in an entity class and how we can implement Entity Framework Core's new IMaterializationIntercept...

Consuming gRPC Services from Blazor WebAssembly Application Using gRPC-Web

In this second part, I will show how to consume the gRPC service from the Blazor WebAssembly application, using the gRPC-Web technology.


Using gRPC with the ABP Framework

I will show you how to create a gRPC service and consume it from a console application with the ABP Framework.


Dealing with Multiple Implementations of a Service in ASP.NET Core & ABP Dependency Injection

I will explain how you can register multiple implementations of the same service interface and inject/resolve all these implementations when you need ...


Unifying DbContexts for EF Core / Removing the EF Core Migrations Project

This article shows how to remove the EntityFrameworkCore.DbMigrations project from your solution to have a single DbContext for your database mappings...

Creating an Event Organizer Application with the Blazor UI

we will create an example application that is a simple meeting/event organizer. People create events and other people registers to the events.