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Value generation for DDD guarded types with Entity Framework Core 7.0

This article explains using of DDD guarded types in ABP application and the new feature of Entity Framework Core 7.0 that provides value generation fo...

Integrating DevExpress Reporting To ABP MVC Application

Step by step integration of DevExpress Reporting; End-User Report Designer and Document Viewer to an ABP MVC Application including bundling and troubl...

mvc DevExpress

How to Setup Azure Active Directory and Integrate Abp Angular Application

In this article, we'll learn how to register an application to Azure Active Directory and integrate AzureAD to an ABP angular applications.

How to Customize the Login Page for MVC / Razor Page Applications

This document explains how to customize the login page for your own application.

How to Use the Azure Active Directory Authentication for MVC / Razor Page Applications

This guide demonstrates how to integrate AzureAD to an ABP application that enables users to sign in using OAuth 2.0 with credentials from Azure Activ...

How to Customize the SignIn Manager

This article explains how to customize the SignIn Manager for your own application.

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