ABP Framework Domain Services

The primary business logic is typically implemented in aggregates (entities) and the domain services in a domain driven design (DDD) solution. It is particularly necessary to create a domain service when; You implement a fundamental domain logic that relies on a few services (such as external services or repositories). The logic you need to use relates to multiple aggregates and entities, thus it doesn't fit in any of the aggregates in the right way. https://docs.abp.io/en/abp/latest/Domain-Services

otis5842@gmail.com 13 weeks ago

In ABP Framework, domain services play a crucial role in implementing the primary business logic in a Domain-Driven Design (DDD) solution.

otis5842@gmail.com 13 weeks ago

Domain services in ABP Framework are used to encapsulate complex domain logic that cannot be easily placed within individual aggregates (entities). They act as a central location for implementing business rules and operations that span multiple aggregates or entities.

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