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Create a Windows Service with ABP Framework

I will show you how to create a Windows Service with ABP Framework. The service will access to the database with ABP repositories. Continue Reading

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How to override localization strings of depending modules

We will use a real case to explain how to override localization strings. Continue Reading Profile Picture POST

Convert Database first into Code first in the Abp Framework

Abp suite is known as a tool to generate Code first; however, we also want to apply this tool for Database first, so what should we do? Continue Reading

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Consume an ABP Framework API from a .NET Core console Application

Consume an ABP Framework API from a .NET Core console Application Continue Reading

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dotnet file upload with ABP Blob store and Minio

In this post we will implement file upload using the ABP blob store and Minio Continue Reading

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Using Elsa Workflow with the ABP Framework

This article shows how we can use this workflow library within our ABP-based application. We will start with a couple of examples and then we will int... Continue Reading

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Unifying DbContexts for EF Core / Removing the EF Core Migrations Project

This article shows how to remove the EntityFrameworkCore.DbMigrations project from your solution to have a single DbContext for your database mappings... Continue Reading

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Using Syncfusion Components With the ABP Framework

A guide on how to integrate Syncfusion component library with the ABP framework and Blazor UI. Continue Reading Profile Picture POST

Consume ABP API from Flutter App

If you are using the ABP Framework and want to authenticate and consume it in your Flutter application, please read further where I will give a short ... Continue Reading

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Install modules with one click via AbpHelper GUI

In this article, we will use the AbpHelper GUI to install the EasyAbp.Abp.SettingUi module into your ABP application. Continue Reading