Deploying ABP Applications to Azure

A step-by-step tutorial on how to set up Continuous Deployment in Azure DevOps of an ABP Framework application. Find the source code on

azure deployment
Nicolas Maluleke 178 weeks ago

Thank you very much your articles are very helpful.😇

Jarrad Glover 177 weeks ago

Does the Blazor project not support using separate appsettings file for each environment? How to get around this issue in automated deployment scenario?

balessi75 144 weeks ago

Did you ever resolve this issue?

Alagarsamy Rajamannar 177 weeks ago

Nice one. I just followed your steps.

Alper Ebiçoğlu 100 weeks ago

very good article

C Hallqvist 90 weeks ago

I am not able to get the deployment working. A staging environment and auth is workin from the react native app, but when using Swagger interface it says that the page does not exist, and also when using Blazor. Any ideas? Thanks