Authority Delegation in ABP Commercial

In this post, I'll explain a new feature that comes with the ABP Commercial v7.2.0. It's called Authority Delegation.

Authority Delegation

Authority Delegation is a way of delegating the responsibility of the current user to a different user(s) for a limited time. Thus, the user can switch to the delegated user's account and perform actions on their behalf.

This feature is part of the Account Pro module, which is one of the application PRO modules of ABP Commercial.

Delegating a new user

After logging into the application, you can see the Authority Delegation menu item under the user menu. When you click the menu, a modal will open, and in the first tab of the modal, you will see the list of delegated users.


You can click the Delegate New User button to delegate a new user:


  • You can specify a time range to ensure the delegation is only available within the time range.
  • You can make multiple delegates to the same user and set different delegate time ranges.

The delegation has three states: Expired, Active, and Future. These states are set automatically by checking the specified time interval.

My delegated users

A list of users who delegated me to log in on behalf of them can be seen in the figure:


You can click the Login button to log in to the application as a delegated user and go back to your account by clicking the Back to my account icon.


The Authority Delegation feature uses the impersonation system internally.