ABP Suite: Best CRUD Page Generation Tool for .NET

In this article, I will list some CRUD page generation/code generation tools for .NET and then we will explore the ABP Suite that empowers .NET developers to generate CRUD pages and is distinguished from other tools by its features and user-friendly UI.

emmaagro 13 weeks ago

ABP Suite allows you to easily create CRUD pages. You just need to define your entity and its properties and let the rest go to ABP Suite for you! ABP Suite generates all the necessary code for your CRUD page in a few seconds. It supports Angular, MVC, and Blazor (both Blazor Server and Blazor WASM) UIs.ABP Suite is a complementary tool to ABP Commercial. ABP Suite allows you to build web pages in a matter of minutes. It's a . NET Core Global tool that can be installed from the command line. It can create a new ABP solution and generate CRUD pages from the database to the front-end.

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