Extend Tenant management and add custom host to your ABP App

In this post we will see how to extent the tenant entity and Add a custom tenant resolver for your ABP app. Blog post: https://blog.antosubash.com/posts/abp-extend-tenant-with-custom-host

Halil İbrahim Kalkan 78 weeks ago

Great work Anto!

washyn 78 weeks ago


Serdar Genc 76 weeks ago

Firstly, thank you. I tried but I am getting this error:

Bad Request - Invalid Hostname HTTP Error 400. The request hostname is invalid.

I added the lines to hosts file.

Serdar Genc 76 weeks ago

fixed. like this : .vs\config\applicationhost.config, add binding like below will work :

<bindings> <binding protocol="https" bindingInformation=":44357:localhost" /> <binding protocol="https" bindingInformation=":44357:" /> </bindings>

Anto Subash 76 weeks ago

maybe try adding this to the host file as well. localhost

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[email protected] 17 weeks ago

If you're looking to extend your ABP App's tenant management capabilities, you'll need to use a custom host. This way, you can control all the https://subwaysurf.io settings and settings of your tenant from one place, and you can also manage the site's security and access restrictions.

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