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Using Dapper with the ABP Framework

Dapper is a simple and lightweight object mapper for .NET. In this article, I will show how to use it in your ABP projects. Continue Reading

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JSON Columns in Entity Framework Core 7

In this article, we will see how to use the new JSON Columns features that came with EF Core 7 in an ABP based application (with examples). Continue Reading

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Inheritance Strategies in Entity Framework Core 7

In this article, I'll show you all the object inheritance mapping strategies in Entity Framework Core, especially the new one: TPC Inheritance Mapping... Continue Reading

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The new EF Core interceptors in Entity Framework Core 7.0

The new EF Core 7 interceptors. Continue Reading

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Configuring Multiple DbContexts in an ABP Framework Project

This article is designed to walk you through the basic steps to extend your ABP Framework solution and to take advantage of a multi-database architect... Continue Reading

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How to Design Multi-Lingual Entity

With a multi-lingual application, you can expand your market share, but if not designed well, may your application will be unusable. So, I've tried to... Continue Reading

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Handle Concurrency with EF Core in an ABP Framework Project with ASP.NET Core MVC

In this article, we'll create a basic application to demonstrate how "Concurrency Check/Control" can be implemented in an ABP project. Continue Reading

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ABP Framework Minimalist Application with EF Core (Part 2)

In this we will continue with the last one and add EF Core to our Minimal ABP module. Continue Reading

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Many to Many Relationship with ABP and EF Core

In this article, we'll create a BookStore application like in the ABP tutorial and add an extra Category feature to demonstrate how we can manage the ... Continue Reading

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Unifying DbContexts for EF Core / Removing the EF Core Migrations Project

This article shows how to remove the EntityFrameworkCore.DbMigrations project from your solution to have a single DbContext for your database mappings... Continue Reading