.NET 8: Serialization Improvements

In this article, I will explain serialization and deserialization improvements come with .NET 8

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What’s New in .NET 8 🧐 ? Discover ALL .NET 8 Features⚡🚀

📢 In this post, we'll explore all the new features of .NET 8 and the changes in this new version. Grab your coffee ☕ and let's take a look at all the...

Rate Limiting with ASP.NET Core 7.0

In this article, we will look at what rate limiting is, why we need to use it, how the different rate limiting algorithms provided with .NET 7.0 work,...

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gRPC Health Checks with ASP.NET Core 7.0

This article will show how to use gRPC health checks with the ABP Framework.

JSON Columns in Entity Framework Core 7

In this article, we will see how to use the new JSON Columns features that came with EF Core 7 in an ABP based application (with examples).

Inheritance Strategies in Entity Framework Core 7

In this article, I'll show you all the object inheritance mapping strategies in Entity Framework Core, especially the new one: TPC Inheritance Mapping...

ASP.NET Core 7.0 Output Caching Middleware

A new middleware component included with.NET 7 is output caching instead of calling for each request.

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Signalr Client Results in ASP.NET Core 7.0

ASP.NET Core 7 supports requesting a result from a client.

gRPC JSON Transcoding with ASP.NET Core 7.0

In this article, I'll show you one of the new features that came with .NET 7: JSON Transcoding. JSON Transcoding is an extension for ASP.NET Core that...

The new EF Core interceptors in Entity Framework Core 7.0

The new EF Core 7 interceptors.