Install Modules With One Click via AbpHelper GUI


In this article, we will use the AbpHelper GUI to install the EasyAbp.Abp.SettingUi module into your ABP application.


The following tools should be installed on your development machine:

Creating a New Solution

Open the AbpHelper GUI, switch to the "ABP CLI" tab, and create a new app:


Install the SettingUi Modules

Open the new app solution in the AbpHelper GUI and install the modules:


Then we will find that the DependsOns have been added:


Run the App

See to learn more about how to run an ABP solution.

Run the commands:

cd C:\Temp\TryAbpHelper\src\TryAbpHelper.DbMigrator
dotnet run
cd ..\TryAbpHelper.Web
dotnet run

Log in and try the Setting UI:


Use the default username admin and password 1q2w3E* to log in to the app.


AbpHelper is helpful for us to manage the application's modules.

We can use it to install not only Volosoft's modules but also the community modules.

The module management feature of the AbpHelper depends on EasyAbp's module library, welcome to register your developed modules through PR.

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