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ABPx - code snippets that start with an x


In this article, I would like to introduce you to ABPx, a VsCode Extension for the ABP Framework, available in the Visual Studio Marketplace.

The main goal of ABPx is to speed up the development process of ABP applications in Visual Studio Code.

When I started learning the ABP Framework, I noticed that the ABP Framework has a convention over configuration approach and you often end up writing the same code over and over again. That's why I started to develop a VsCode Extension with useful code snippets to make the life of an ABP Framework developer a little easier.

ABPx Code Snippets in Action

Below you will see 3 examples of how to use ABPx code snippets in practice. At the moment of this writing, there are about 180 ABPx code snippets for C#, razor and jsonc files that you can use in your daily ABP Framework coding work.

Generate VsCode Launch Configurations for your ABP application

Starting with an ABP project in VsCode can be a bit of hassle. ABPx makes it a lot easier to get you up and running by generating the launch configurations needed, as you can see below.

After you opened an ABP application in Visual Studio Code hit CTRL+SHIFT+P (.NET Generate Assets for Build and Debug). This will add a .vscode folder to the root of the project with a launch.json and tasks.json file.

Required Assets Missing!

  • Click Yes to add the required assets to build and debug your application. Select the HttpApi.Host project in the Select the project to launch dropdown.

Generate Launch Configurations!

Generate an AppService class that inherits from the CrudAppService base class

CrudAppService snippet!

Create a Permission Group, add Permissions to Permission Group and generate Translations

Permissions Added!

ABPx Source Code

Get the source code of the ABPx VsCode Extension on GitHub.

Install ABPx

Please feel free to install the ABPx extension in VsCode, and if you see room for improvement or you have a snippet in mind you want to have included? Create an issue in the ABPx repository. I will see what I can do! :-)

ABPx - code snippets that start with an x

Enjoy and have fun!