ABP Framework - Add a New Module to Your ABP Application

In this post we will see how to develop a modular abp application. We will add a new module to default abp app and then use the same database to store the modules data and the identity data.

Dharna Han Nguyen 4 weeks ago

Hello, May I ask for helping me an instruction to guide me add a module but not include the project in the main solution. I want to separate the source code of each module for each team/developer. The modules will be loaded in the main application.


Anto Subash 4 weeks ago

you can check git submodules for this. here is a good intro https://github.blog/2016-02-01-working-with-submodules/

Dharna Han Nguyen 3 weeks ago

Thanks, I will try to do as you advised

Dharna Han Nguyen 3 weeks ago

Hi Anto Subash, I'm looking for the sample of using ABP startup template for application and module to apply by this way: https://docs.abp.io/en/abp/latest/PlugIn-Modules I really appreciate if you have a sample of using full abp framework as above approach. Thank Dharma