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Use User-Defined Function Mapping for Global Filter

ABP provides data filters that can filter queries automatically based on some rules. This feature is useful for implementing multi-tenancy, soft delet...

How claim type works in ASP NET Core and ABP Framework

This article can help you understand the claim type in the ABP Framework and ASP NET Core.

security claims

How to share the cookies between subdomains

Sharing cookies between subdomains is a common requirement in web development. For example, you have a website with multiple subdomains, and you want ...

Using Testcontainers in ABP Unit Test

Testcontainers is a library that provides easy and lightweight APIs for bootstrapping local development and test dependencies with real services wrapp...

testing unit-tests

Changes with Containers in NET 8.0.

This article will show the the changes of container images with NET 8.0.

New Raw SQL queries for unmapped types with EF Core 8.0

I would love to talk about the new feature in EF Core 8.0, specifically the raw SQL queries for unmapped types.

Converting Create/Edit Modal to Page

In this document we will explain how to convert BookStore's Books create & edit modals to regular razor pages.

The new EF Core interceptors in Entity Framework Core 7.0

The new EF Core 7 interceptors.

How to add a custom grant type in OpenIddict.

How to add a custom grant type in OpenIddict


How to Test Blazor Components in ABP

In this article, I will use bUnit for a simple test of a Blazor component.

Using MiniProfiler with the ABP Framework

MiniProfiler is a library and UI for profiling your application. By letting you see where your time is spent, which queries are run, and any other cus...


How to override localization strings of depending modules

We will use a real case to explain how to override localization strings.