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👍Design Best Practices In .NET C# 👀

➡ In this article we are going to explore some Design Best Practices that are practically proved to be efficient. ➡ Practices like "Unified Retur...

🤔 When Implementations Affect Abstractions ⁉️

➡ If I ask you: Could your knowledge of the available implementations affect your abstractions design? ➡ Most probably you would say: No, if this happ...


How to share the cookies between subdomains

Sharing cookies between subdomains is a common requirement in web development. For example, you have a website with multiple subdomains, and you want ...

Adding a Module to an ABP project made simple

Create and integrate your own module, in this case a simple PdfGenerator, into an ABP Framework application

Strategy Design Pattern In .NET C#

➡ One of the behavioral design patterns. ➡ Its main goal is to decouple the behavior of an object from its state by modeling the behavior into an abst...

Using Testcontainers in ABP Unit Test

Testcontainers is a library that provides easy and lightweight APIs for bootstrapping local development and test dependencies with real services wrapp...

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