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Antiforgery Token Validation When Angular and HTTP API Runs on the Same Server

In this post, I explain how to overcome AntiForgery Token validation for HTTP requests in the ABP Angular project. This issue happens when the Angular...


Deploy Your ABP Framework Angular Project to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

How we can deploy ABP Angular project to kubernetes environment, which looks a bit more complex but is more preferred for production, using a Helm cha...

How to Use Multiple DbContexts in a Single Query Execution

In this article, we will explore a solution to query from multiple DbContext instances within a single execution in the ABP Framework with EF Core.


What is Object to Object Mapping?

In this article, you will learn about object-to-object mapping and the automapper library that automates it.

Reusing and Optimizing Machine Learning Models in .NET

In this article, I describe how you can reuse trained machine learning models efficiently and optimize machine learning models.

Flagged Enumerations: How To Represent Features Combinations Into One Field

Represent features like [Read, Write, Modify, …] and their combinations into a single field.